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DV8X is a lifestyle brand born in the trenches of minor league baseball. 


DV8X was created with the intention of inspiring everyone on their journey, wherever life takes them. Every day, every individual in this world faces challenges. It's in the deviations from our "plans" that we have a chance to follow our own path.


As professional baseball players, we've experienced setbacks and disappointments that taught us, quite simply, that nothing in life is handed to you. Life is a journey. It is a mindset.


Baseball teaches us to see uncertainty as possibility, change as opportunity, fear as a challenge, mistakes as experience, and the unknown... the unexplored. 


We believe in going against the grain. We believe in the pursuit of a vision, even when nobody else sees it. We believe in creating a positive community. We believe in each other.


We believe in deviating existence. 

'Til next time-



DV8X // Deviate Existence // A Lifestyle Worth Living

Ft. Lauderdale

Email : contact@dv8x.org

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